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VHDL-Tool provides a language server for the VHDL hardware description language. This plugin makes VHDL-Tool's language server interface available from within VSCode.

This is beta quality code. Report bugs here:

To use this plugin, you must first download VHDL-Tool. See the requirements section.


  • Syntax checking
  • Go to definition
  • Find references
  • Browse file symbols
  • Basic autocompletion
  • Type information on hover


Syntax check and autocompletion File symbols and hover


  • F12 - go to definition
  • Ctrl-Shift-F10 - peek definition
  • Shift-F12 - find references
  • Ctrl-Shift-o - find symbol in current file
  • Syntax checking occurs on save and the first time a file is opened
  • Autocompletion happens automatically when you type
  • Mouse over an identifier for type information


Before using this plugin, you must ensure that the vhdl-tool binary is installed on your system. To install vhdl-tool and setup your environment, do the following:

  1. Install this plugin.
  2. Download vhdl-tool from here. If you are using the Linux version, make sure it has execute permissions, and put it somewhere in your $PATH.
  3. Create a vhdltool-config.yaml configuration file for your project by following the instructions here.
  4. Install one of the other VHDL plugins available in the marketplace for syntax highlighting. Search for VHDL in the extensions sidebar. This step is compulsory as these plugins define the VHDL language and if VSCode does not know about VHDL it cannot launch the language server.
  5. Launch VSCode and open the folder containing the configuration file created in the previous step.

Known Limitations

  • The go to definition and find references commands are not accurate in the presence of overloading. In the case of multiple overloaded identifiers with the same name, the type correct one may not be chosen.

Release Notes


Incorporate changes in reference example


Upgrade plugin dependencies so that it works with the latest VSCode


Display initialization progress


Windows support


Initial beta release of VHDL-Tool.