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  VHDL Tool 6f80c59753 Windows support in release notes 4 weeks ago
  VHDL Tool 7ce8c4ad94 vhdl-2008 is supported 4 weeks ago
  VHDL Tool e47e6e99c8 windows is supported 4 weeks ago
  VHDL Tool 81d641400b bump version 1 month ago
  VHDL Tool dd4e452f6b Show error message if vhdl-tool executable cannot be found 1 month ago
  VHDL Tool 82ff695b94 remove wrapper 1 month ago
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  VHDL Tool f11db900f0 update vhdl-2008 status 2 years ago
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  VHDL Tool bf70a8aad8 Initial Visual Studio Code plugin 3 years ago